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Evernote is an app designed for note taking, organizing, task management, and archiving. It is developed by the Evernote Corporation, headquartered in Redwood City, California. The app allows users to create notes, which can be text, drawings, photographs, or saved web content. Notes are stored in notebooks and can be tagged, annotated, edited, searched, given attachments, and exported.


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WD says

"Locked out after their pat for play upgrade. No access to their website. No Customer Service Number, No Support, They SUCK!"

lily says

"Evernote once was a simple program. Now it is so complicated that multiple steps are required to perform tasks that once required one step. Also it showed notebooks that opened up. Now it is a mess of crap on a useless home page. Customer support tells me to use old versions of the program. But then when you call them they want you to upgrade. Customer support has no idea what the engineers are doing. They suck big time. "

gone to shit says

"it\'s garbage and I think they\'re in cahoots with the govt to share user data"

Gojira99 says

"Evernote is not worth anywhere near the £50 annual charge. It's flaky and the note taking on powerpoint slides is poor. Also, they give you no warning for auto renewal. Whilst this is not illegal, it's very poor form and more than a little underhand."

Oskar Linderoth says

"Evernote must be the most unreliable program I have ever used. It's like being attacked by new bugs constantly. And every time my content, representing thousands of hours, is at risk. Year after year. Please, can someone make a reliable alternative with similar functionality?"

Toby Skelton says

"Been loyal to this product for a number of years and raved about it. Now having issues and no customer support at all. Product is great, support is dreadful, which sadly means people should stay away."

Barbara says

"Terrible. They disabled all the good features that made it useful. Customer service non existent. I upgraded to Premium to see whether I could reclaim some of the features. They took my money but didn't upgrade. Update: terrible customer service, still waiting for the upgrade though I paid for it and sent them the invoice."

Kevin McNamara says

"Paying customer for 3 years. V10 removes most features that make it useful. had to rollback to v6 which they now call 'legacy'. Another example of nitwits hired and paid ridiculous amounts for a 'rebranding' by making the product inferior to what it has been or by releasing unfininshed beta trash. Shillicon Valley motto, 'if it ain't broke, break it and call it 'better''. So this is what happens when you've crossed the chasm and have an operational CEO?"

Sammy J says

"Wow. I tried to upgrade Evernote from personal to business, and the online form wouldn’t accept my personal email address. I put in a call to sales, and had a call 3 days later in which they said the issue would be fixed. This was 3 weeks ago, and after at least I attempted to contact with3 email follow ups, a voicemail, and even reached out to product managers on LinkedIn, and received zero response. This was to upgrade! Surely there is something amiss. I looked at the reviews here, and wasn’t surprised to see a ton of poor service, bad product, and buggy upgrades. The culture shows in the product and lack of service. I canceled service and am now looking at alternatives."

Christopher Shevlin says

"I've been paying to use Evernote for over a decade, on Mac, iPhone and iPad. It was never perfect, but it was the best thing I found for just noting stuff down and collecting information. But in the last few days they've released new versions for all platforms, 'rebuilt from the ground up' which have totally ruined all the apps. Now the iPhone and iPad apps lose your notes (failing in the most elementary function of a notes app), and the desktop app has become unbearably slow and often deletes a few words you've just written. Why did you do this? Now I have to spend ages researching which app to use instead, and moving all my notes over."

Cree says

"I made the mistake of buying an annual subscription. Avoid! Don't make the same mistake I did. I have this useless, probable spyware on my Android Phone, iPad & Laptop running Linux Mint. These people evidently haven't heard heard of Linux, so I'm forced into using an unreliable NixNotes2 because the Evernote app. does not have a native Linux variant. The sync., when it works is fast and accurate. You do experience many sync failures, and sundry errors & conflicts caused by update lag and other issues. My iPad experience is full of problems. Sync. issues galore with Apple Black Screen of Death a common feature. You can often get around this using the Home & Power buttons pressed together until the Apple logo appears and the reset commences. Let go of the power button. My phone has similar Sync. issues. and massive update lag. Limited functionality even with paid subscription. The Laptop experience is not much better. New notes re often difficult or impossible to edit and the Linux app. often has sync. errors. Despite being described as "easy to use". I found my experience of all my 3 platforms as very unintuitive and not obvious at all. All this plus plenty of nags on my phone make this an app. to avoid."

J H says

"Yet again the system has lost some files. Totally inadequate for important documents"

Customer says

"One of my clients uses Evernote to share development notes with me so that we can work collaboratively. Despite ensuring all my changes are frequently synced, Evernote frequently overwrites my notes with the last copy my client saw. I have lost entire days worth of amendments. It wouldn't be a bad platform if it actually worked reliably, but this bug has been around for years and wasted hours of my time."

Heather says

"Serious security issues. I had the free version. I have not been using it as regularly over the last several months, but still had the app with important notes on it. Today I click to open it and am told that I have too many devices for the free account. I open my history and see that ip addresses from several countries I have never been to, and devices that are not mine, have accessed my account multiple times. I obviously will never use this app again."

Dan says

"August 2020: A good service but emails have been sent out saying that your account has been hacked by someone in another country, so you panic only to find that it was in error. This has happened more than once. November 2020: I have received ANOTHER two emails in as many weeks saying that someone in India and China have accessed my account, yet when I log in to look at the Access History it only shows my activity. It's such bad practice to worry your users unnecessarily, or falsely record security information. This has now been downgraded from three to two stars."

Ignatia Amara says

""One moment while we get back to work." This is the message I've been getting while trying to access the information I stored on Evernote. Don't make the mistake to keep your important info only on Evernote, because when you mostly need it, you may not be able to access it. I use Linux Fedora. PS: when it works, it's a good software, the best I've found around so far."

James says

"they finally added an undo button ... I'm quite happy. Just opend the app and someone a not was altered.... went to my laptop and watched it change before my eyes to change was on my phone couldn't go back to previous history or anything undo woudn't work... this is not exactly the best method to genuinely secure a note although it allows you to take notes they may be ruined deleted etc without consequence at any moment."

Kieran Colfer says

"I really like Evernote's web clipper. I believe it's the best one out there but the two things that stop me from using Evernote is the price of premium and their sketchy privacy policy."